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About Carbon12 Inc.

While carbon pricing/taxation is increasingly becoming mainstream across the globe, the effect on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ultimately reduce global warming, has been limited. One of the causes is the absence of an efficient, secure and trusted global platform to trade in carbon and other ESG-related credits.

Carbon12 is an ESG investment platform focused on solutions that are commercially ready, have a short time to market or have true disruptive potential. Solutions will be focused on addressing the key issues related to sustainability, while enabling the issuance of credits.

We are not investing in a dream. We have identified a number of key issues and technologies that can profitably address these issues. Our focus is mainly on commercializing technologies that, through carbon, plastic, and eventually other credits, can be monetized.

Through its unrivalled access to high-quality deal flow, combined with its in-house capabilities related to strategy, execution, commercialization and capital markets, Carbon12 now provides investors with a unique opportunity to participate in initiatives that they would otherwise not have access to. While many of the early cleantech solutions required subsidies to be viable, the ability to create and trade credits will generate revenue, quickly.

Beyond its focus on credits, the Company will also enter into partnerships with exciting new clean-tech companies that advance the United Nation 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Led by a group of entrepreneurs with broad operational, ESG, legal and capital market experience, Carbon12 is
exceptionally positioned to leverage on its network of best-in-class innovators and solution providers to capitalize on a truly momentous opportunity.
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Vehicle for a Green Future


C12 provides investors with access to high-quality carbon and plastic credits. C12 will invest in world-class projects with upfront capital to secure the right to purchase subsequently generated high-quality credits, at a discount.


Financing projects with game-changing intellectual property with a short time to market. Primarily focused on next-generation fuel technologies, carbon footprint reduction and the EV revolution.


Leveraging our global network and access to unique deal assemble a synergistic platform, providing corporations and individuals with access to credits, as a means to achieve their net-zero and environmental goals. We intend to leverage blockchain and crypto technologies to tokenize carbon and plastic credits, enabling liquidity.


Complementary with or in addition to our credits streaming platform, we will invest in unique intellectual property and projects that further the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We focus on disruptive projects/technologies with a short time to market that have the potential to generate outsized returns to investors.

Sustainable Development Goals

Credits Explained

What are Carbon Credits?

A carbon credit is a kind of permit, verified by a third-party, that represents 1 ton of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. They can be purchased by an individual or, more commonly, a company to make up for carbon dioxide emissions that come from industrial production, delivery vehicles or travel. Carbon credits are often created through agricultural or forestry practices, although a credit can be made by nearly any project that reduces, avoids, destroys or captures emissions. This only goes for what is called the “voluntary market.” There is also the involuntary or “compliance market” which is governed by mandatory national, regional or international carbon reduction regimes.

What are Plastic Credits?

Similar to carbon credits, plastic credits represent 1 ton of plastic removed from the environment above baseline rates. Registered by Verra, a leading standard in both carbon and plastic credits, and can be used by companies to offset their generated plastic waste.

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